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2010-05-01 21:48:23 by CmndrDemolition

So guess what? After a year of inactivity, I am finally getting into actual animation, not game design or comics (sorry Creto if you still check my profile). This summer is going to script heavy (I love scripting), and hopefully I can get some good animating in too. I'm looking forward to all the project ideas I have in my head. Here goes nothing!

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2009-01-20 19:23:15 by CmndrDemolition

Congratulations to our now president Obama. While many remain critical of Bush after his time in office, I still believe that mistakes in the past can be remedied. Note that I said can. I am not saying in any way, shape, or form that Obama will make everything magically better, but I do believe that he is inspired enough to try his best to benefit America.

First Flash

2008-09-20 21:08:01 by CmndrDemolition

I just submitted my first Flash movie! YAY! It has officially passed! THat's awesome even though the score is not the abbsolute best.

Happy Birthday

2008-07-17 08:42:46 by CmndrDemolition

It's my birthday today.



2008-07-02 15:44:42 by CmndrDemolition


The FedEx man just dropped off Flash CS3 at my house. I finally have Flash.

*Note: It is officially installed!*


2008-06-09 09:05:35 by CmndrDemolition

Dang it. I'm getting my bottom braces today. NOOOO...

Actually, this announcment is saying that I'm finally about to get Flash! YAY! (Not that anyone cares about me)


Nothing Really

2008-06-04 08:19:01 by CmndrDemolition

Hey everyone,
I am still waitng to get Flash but while I am waiting I am storyboarding like there was no tomorrow. For those who don't know, my banner is characters from one series I am going to make.
Um... other than that, SCHOOL IS OUT TODAY! YAY!